“Das einzig Wichtige im Leben sind die Spuren von Liebe, die wir hinterlassen, wenn wir weggehen.” – Albert Schweitzer

In September 1976, he took me to Kingston to get me an anorak.  It was autumn and getting cooler.  Ivan Mama was genuinely concerned of my wellbeing.  He had organised my Engineering studies at Kingston, flew me into London and made sure that I had a good start.  That was his way of life.  Helping others in their needs. Helping others to help themselves.

It was indeed a happy event for the whole Pedropillai family when our Ivan Mama came back to Ceylon from England in the late 1960s.  He and Indra Anta had a gift for everybody.  I was so immensely proud of my first wristwatch.  Ivan Mama was kind and loving to everybody and remained to be so on my last visit to their place a year or so ago.  I regret not being able be with them and to accompany them more in the last few years.

The hospitality at Ivan Mama’s and Indra Anta’s place was incredible.  They made sure all the guests were happy.  As a teenager I remember having arguments with him, but he was always kind to me letting me make my own experiences.  I hope they also enjoyed the love I tried to give in return.
They made it a point to visit us in Freiburg, Germany in the late 80s and as always Indra Anta brought us gifts which we cherish to this day.

As Amma (Sheila) pointed out – it is the start of a new phase, which I am sure Mama and Anta will master well.  Rest in Peace.

Nishanth, Lucia Emmanuel and Co

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